Thursday, March 4, 2010

Maximum Rock N Roll #96

tape #96
61 minutes
hosts: Tim
guests: Rob Noxious from Intensified Chaos (from Berkeley)

Side one
1. War Baby "So You’re An Anarchist?"

International Stuff:
2. BGK "Arms Race (Holland)
3. OHL
4. Red Tide "Direct Action" (Vancouver, Canada)
5. PSA "Human Rights, Not Violence (Italy)

from England:
6. Fallout "PC Acne"
7. The Oppressed "Riot"
8. The Actives "Riot"
9. Abrasive Wheels

from California
10. Sin 34 "War At Home"
11. Channel 3 "I’ll Take My Chances"
12. 13 "Rocket In My Pocket"
13. Aggression "Body Count"

14. Guest: Intensified Chaos

Side two
1. Guest continues: Rob Noxious and his little sister

from East Coast:
2. No Trend "Mass Sterilization"
3. Government Issue "Hall of Fame"
4. The Money Dogs "America’s Falling"
5. Exiled "Rock Product"

Neo Mod:
6. The Jam "News of the World"
7. The Jolt "I Can’t Wait"
8. The Teen Beats "Strength of the Nation"
9. The Purple Hearts "Millions Like Us"

10. The Croppy Boys "Hound Pound"

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