Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Maximum Rock N Roll #99

tape #99
58 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth and Jeff
guests: Michael Bored of Art

Side one
1. The Dicks "Bourgeois Fascist Pig"

from Italy:
2. Papa Saglia
3. Rough "Abuse of Power"
4. Statione Suicida
5. Arrm
6. Raw Power
7. Pegio Punks

from England:
8. Red Alert "Rebels of Society"
9. GBH "Hell Hole"
10. Krass

11. Guest: Michael Bored of Art
12. Art "One Born Every Minute"
13. Guest continues

Side two
1. Guest continues
2. Art "We’re Republicans"
3. Art "Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood
4. Art "How Much Punk Rock Do You Hear in Russia?"
5. Art "We Want Nuclear War"
6. Guest continues (now talking about Eastern Europe)
7. Blutat "What Do You Live For, Schuler?"

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