Thursday, April 1, 2010

Maximum Rock N Roll #174

tape #174
58 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Jeff, Mr. Pusshead, Kent & Eric
guests: Ronald Thatcher, Todd Coat, Robbie Anarchy

Side one
1. RAF (Germany)

from England:
2. Lost Sherries "Nervous Breakdown"
3. Angelic Upstarts "Machine Gun Kelly"
4. Chaotic Discord "He Tried To Hammer Home Religion"
5. Funhouse "Retaliation"

from Japan:
6. Lip Cream "Dazed & Confused"
7. The Execute "Sag"
8. ZAO
9. Disarray "Balderdash"
10. The Mobs "No More Heros"

from Marin County:
11. The Pukes "Parents"
12. Leavekatechnique "Excess"
13. Sacrapolitical "Peace Under Our Supervision"

Side Two
1. Crip (from Marin County)

2. Guests (All from Philadelphia): Ronald Thatcher, Todd Coat, Robbie Anarchy

Garage Raunch Rock:
3. Boss Hoss "Dag Valerie Your Mama"
4. The Vibes "Double-Decker Bus"
5. Dementia "Back in the States"
6. Sick Kids "She’s My Witch"

7. Poison 13 "One Step Closer" (Texas)

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