Thursday, August 18, 2011

Maximum Rock N Roll #78

tape #78
60 minutes
hosts: Tim & Jeff
Greatest Hits of ’82, Part 2

Side one
1. Oyo Seco (from Brazil)

from Boston:
2. Gangrene  “I Got Rabies”
3. SSD Control “Boiling Point”
4. Jerryskins “Machine Gun”
5. Negative FX “Hazardous Waste”

from England:
6. Baruckers “No Masters No Slaves”
7. Chelsea “War Across Nation”
8. The Exploited “Alternative”
9. The Blitz “Never Surrender”

from So. Cal.:
10. F-Troop “Last Rites”
11. Black Flag “Rise Above”
12. Bad Religion “The Voice of God & Government”
13. The Minutemen “Working Men Are Pissed”
14. Battalion of Saints “No More Lies”

from Europe:
15. Kaosz “Zwang” (Germany)
16. OHL (Germany)
17. R.A.F. Punk (Italy)

Side two
from the Midwest:
1. The Necros “Bad Dream”
2. Cricifucks “Hinkley Had a Vision”
3. Toxic Reasons “How Do You Feel”
4. Zero Defects “Life is Worse”

from No. Cal.:
5. Los Olvidados “Pay Salvation”
6. Crucifix “Prejudice”
7. Pariah “Learning Process”
8. ? “Metal”

from So. Cal.:
9. The Angry Samoans
10. Red Cross “Kill Someone You Hate”
11. The Vandals “Anarchy Burger”
12. Sin34 “Nuclear War”

from the Midwest:
13. Zero Boys “Drug Free Youth”
14. Willful Neglect “Abort Commission”
15. Husker Du “In a Free Land”
16. Articles of Faith “What We Want is Free”

17. Restitut “Fuck Off Nazi Bastards”

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  1. Guys I love these podcasts they are awesome - but please get someone who actually knows something of these bands to check the listings....Jerryskins? Barukers? SSD Control? cummon, you go to all this effort & spoil it by not getting the listings right? - email the list to me & I'll check it for you! Call me old fashioned, call me anally retentive... whatever.