Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Maximum Rock N Roll #177

tape #177
55 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth, Steve
Guests: The Ragged Bags

1. Septic Death

from Northern Europe:
2. No Pigs "Money" (Holland)
3. War of Destruction "TV Macht (Denmark)
4. Jopopo "The Eagle Has Landed" (Holland)
5. Concentura Musica Commisio (Finland)
6. Roman Numeral 6 (Denmark)

from England:
7. Seers "System Psycho"
8. The Accursed "Laughing at You"
9. Angelic Upstarts "I Think It Should Be Free"
10. Mau Maus "Step Across the Border"

from the West Coast:
11. Blind Acceptance
12. Sisqlint "Wally Wally"
13. Legionaire’s Disease "Brain Wash"
14. Claude Comet & the I.V.S "The Junk Man"

15. The Ragged Bags "The Bizarre"
16. Guest: The Ragged Bags

17. The Ragged Bags "American Jungle"
18. The Ragged Bags, continued

from the Midwest:
19. Rights of the Accused "What I Learned Today"
20. Moto Micronauts "Cleo"

from Mutha Label from N.J.
21. Cyanamid "I Hate Pidgeons"
22.-24. three unidentified bands/songs

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