Thursday, May 6, 2010

Maximum Rock N Roll #224

tape #224
56 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth & Martin
Guests: Armistice

1. Savage Amused "Tell Me Why"

2. Zurstorte Yungen "Spastic Nightmare" (Germany)
3. Process "Beirut 83" (Norway)
4. Bed Boys "Peace Don’t Mean Only No War" (Italy)

from Australia:
5. The Rejected "You’re the Victim"
6. Viscious Circle "Distant Cries"
7. Five Year Mission "Seeds of Doom"

8. Armistice
9. Armistice "No Guilty Souls"

The Fish Set:
10. Turkey Bones & Wild Dogs " Gold Fish"
11. The Dead Milkmen "Filet of Soul"
12. White Boy Rap "Wet Dream"
13. Fang "Lamb Shark"
14. The Meat Puppets "Dolphin Feel"

15. Eye Brainier "Sacred Cow"

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