Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Maximum Rock N Roll #225

tape #225
56 minutes
hosts: Tim, Kent, Ruth, Steve
Guests: Chris Taruki

1. Knucklehead "Decline"

from the East Coast:
2. Pain Killers "So What?"
3. What Now "Noise Maker"
4. Agrophobic Array "Hard Core"

Odds & Ends from Around the World:
5. Stente Dor (Norway)
6. Klu S. S. "Big Eyed Devils"
7. Perdition (Australia)
8. Ask Kask (Sweden)

from Japan:
9. Nuclear Cowboy "Another Country’s Dead Soldiers"
10. Execute "Your Eyes"
11. Laughing Nose "No War"
12. State Children "Chaos"
13. Guy "Open the Window"

14. The Pagan’s "6 & Change"
15. The Pagan’s "What’s this Sheet Called Love"
16. The Pagan’s "Not Now No Way"
17. The Pagan’s "Dead in America"
18. The Pagan’s "Cleveland Confidential"

19. The False Profits "The Original Opera of the Marquis de Sade"

20. Guest: Chris Taruki

21. Brave New World "I Care"

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