Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Maximum Rock N Roll #181

tape #181
55 minutes
hosts: Tim & Steve

from the East Coast:
1. Bodies in Panic "Lester Know"
2. Homopicnic "Blood On The Walls

from Japan:
3. Zolga "Overtaken"
4. Laughin Nose "Out of Money"

5. Cox Bar "They Mean Murder" (UK)
6. Jesus & Mary Chain "Upside Down" (UK)
7. BGK (Holland)
8. Sledge Confrontations "Vegetable Garden" (Canada)
9. Butcher "Psycho Trend" (UK)

Neo 60’s:
10. The Gravedigger 5 "Stone Age Stomp"
11. The Pandoras "You Don’t Satisfy
12. The Nomads "Welcome Back from the world of LSD"
13. The Fuzztones "We’re Pretty Quick"
14. Yard Trauma "Try It"

Garage (Ohio):
15. The Pagan’s "Dead in America"
16. Pere Ubu "Cloud 149"
17. The Electric Eels "Agitated"
18. Blank X "A"
19. Devo "Uncontrollable Urge"
20. The Dead Boys "Tell Me"

from Germany:
21. Gluten Eissen
22. Bosse Unkels

23. Burning Image "Final Conflict"

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