Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Maximum Rock N Roll #183

Airs Thursday, December 9, 2010 at 4pm pacific on

tape #183
54 minutes
hosts: Tim, Mr. Puss, Ruth & Jeff
Guests: Sonic Youth

1. Enola Gay (Denmark)

from the Midwest:
2. Man-Size Action
3. Human Sufferage "Hey Big Boy"
4. Husker Du "New Day Rising"
5. Baby Astronauts

Cleanse the Bacteria Preview Night:
6. Seven Seconds
7. Part One "Possess"
8. Poison Idea "Die on your Knees"
9. Genocide Express "Genocide Express"
10. Genocide Express "Emotions"
11. The Seige "Sad but True"

from the South:
12. The Offenders "Face Down in the Dirt"
13. Scratch Acid "Lay Screaming"
14. Butthole Surfers "Dumb Dumb"

from Germany:
15. Ciresen 81 "Strength Through Beer"
16. Der Ris
17. The Maniacs "Crusader"
18. Die Manner "Die Manner"
19. Inferno "Uncertainty"

20. Sonic Youth
21. Guest: Sonic Youth

22. The Wretched (Italy)

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