Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Maximum Rock N Roll #184

tape #184
58 minutes
hosts: Tim, Ruth & Jeff
Guests: Sonic Youth (part 2)

1. Star Club (Japan)

from England:
2. Da Mona’s (Peter Gunn Locomotion"
3. Vice Squad "Teenage Rampage"
4. The Milkshakes "Gringles and Goiles Again"
5. Exile in the Kingdom "Total Disorder"

from Sweden:
6. The Krixshelters "Magic Mushrooms"
7. S.O.D. "S.O.D."
8. Mob 47
9. A B Herenfadt
10. Distrust
11. Guest: Sonic Youth (part two)
12. Sonic Youth (a snipet)

from the East Coast:
13. C.I.A. "Never Give a Sucker an Even Break"
14. Reagan Youth theme sons
15. Nobody’s Favorite "Ruled by a Nazi"
16. The Mystery Girls "Waste Away"
17. The False Prophets "Banana Split Republic"

from Canada:
18. Asexuals "Be What You Want"
19. Bill of Rights "C9"

from the West Coast:
20. Trash "Peace or What?"
21. Plain Wrap "For What It’s Worth"
22. Iconoclast "Battlefield the Nightmare"

23. Oyo Seco (Brazil)

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